Somebody Please Help Me Stop Looking At This

It took me entirely too long to realize this IS in English:

Spacing: the Final Frontier of Wreckerating


Judging by the CW Facebook page, I see I've trained you wrecky minions well:


I approve.


And just in time for Cheesecake Day:



At first I thought it was a hot dog. 
Then maybe a bowel re-section. 
Now I just want to stop looking at it:

Somebody help me stop looking at it.


To quote JoAnna, who sent this in, "Mmmm, rope fibers!"


And I agree, JoAnna; the clumps of gold glitter really DO make it extra "beachy."


And finally, while not professional, this made me laugh out loud:

Video game-specific apology cakes? YES, PLEASE.

Heck, I think this should become a trend. A few more suggestions:

"Sorry I Played Skyrim For 6 Weeks Straight"

"Sorry I Won't Play Portal Co-Op With You Because You're Better At It And It's Annoying"

"Sorry For Beating Your High Score On Angry Birds"

"Sorry I Woke You Up At 3AM Because BioShock Was Scary"

"Sorry I Keep Talking To Claptrap" (WUB WUB!)


Thanks to Nancy E., Kristen F., Annie B., Ashley R., JoAnna H., & Anony M. for the beat-boxin' giggles.


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