St. Patrick's Intervention

It's bad enough that so many St. Patrick's cakes are shaped like beer, bakers:


Do you have to actually be drunk while decorating them, too?

*hic* "I hash an eye-shing bag. WHEEEEEE!!"


"yerp. LOOKS GOOD."


"I like to make 'em like a chorus line of cacta... cactses.. cactusesesess... cacti."


"Guys. Guys. Guys. Check it.

"I put lil' HATS on this cake's BOOBS."


And to the baker who was so proud of this penmanship:

They actually asked for "Happy St. Patrick's Day."



Thanks to Gina L., Gina M., Doug G., Dara M., Holly F., & Shannon M. for my new favorite holiday abbreviation. HAPPY PAPRACK TO ALL!


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