Friday Favs 3/18/16

Some of my favorite new submissions this week:


Just when you thought your baker couldn't give three sh*ts about your order:



And while we're counting, here's my number one wreck this week:

Which ironically would NOT be #1 if it WAS a #1.

Diggin' those stickers randomly plopped on, too.


Acceptable Occasions To Serve Cake:

- birthdays
- weddings
- other celebrations

UNacceptable Occasions To Serve Cake:

- Natural disasters
- Weight Watchers' meetings
- Nancy Reagan dying

"And after cake and ice cream, we'll have the Memorial Conga Line past the Tribute Glow Stick and Rave Party. Everyone have their Eulogy Kazoos ready?"


This wedding wreck caused quite a stir on the bakery's Facebook page (which I had to check since I couldn't believe it was professional), so I assume I'll be getting a take-down request soon:

So look fast!

I will say those new reaction options on Facebook really came back to bite these guys. You can delete comments, but not all the Angry faces. Ha!

And to you later-in-the-day readers, please to enjoy this lovely photo of Epcot.


And finally, Hector writes, "I figured, only four words - how could they screw it up?"

This is how, Hector:



Thanks to Danica M., Diego C., Teresa S., Tracy L., & Hector R. for Gooing the extra mile this week.


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