Friday Favs 3/25/16

A few of my favorite submissions this week.


First, let me clear up a couple of things with these late St. Paddy's subs.


1) This is not how you build "character"

Mmm. Cactus-y.


2) Worms are never appetizing.

Like, never ever ever.



Speaking of character cakes, does anyone else think Mickey Mouse had work done?

I mean, that nose is definitely a little smaller.


This bakery told Helen her cake had no room for writing, but they *could* give her a "Happy Birthday" plaque to stick on top. She agreed...

....and got this:


Our thoughts exactly.


And lastly, Shannon asked her bakery to write "Happy Birthday From" and then use a graphic of her company's logo.

And would you believe THEY DID?! - except with one small, un-asked-for addition:


Let's zoom in, shall we?

High-five, Shannon's baker. HIGH FIVE.


Thanks to Jenny S., Karen R., Deanna B., Helen G., & Shannon J. for the new life goals.


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