Lookin' For Some Bunny To Love

♫ Can anybody find meeeeeee... ♪

Some bunny to love?

Ooh, each new cake I see I die a little



Can barely stand on my feet!



Take a look in the display case

...and cry.
(And cry!)


Bakers, what you're doing to me


I have spent all these years in "believing" you


But I just can't get decent Sweets... in-stoooore!!


Some bunny,

(Any bunny!)


Ooh, some bunny

(She's desperate!)


Can anybody find meeee

some bunny to love?


Thanks to Kimberly S., Mary D., Elisabeth A., Chelsea P., Charlotte C., Violetta S., Sarah H., Emily R., Leah F., & Lynn B. for the big ol, "NO, WE CAN'T, JEN." I, uh, still appreciate the effort.


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