The Easter Post That Will Probably Get Me In Trouble

With Easter coming this Sunday, let's take a moment to reflect on that one relative who always shows up to family dinners a little drunk and "short a few bucks," but who really, REALLY wants to talk politics while you practice your poker face and try to snap a cellphone pic or two for Facebook later.


Bottom Rabbit: "How are we even related."


Now, I was going to say something about the irony of a kosher Easter egg:

...but then I remembered this is the internet, so I'd just end up getting lectured on the history of appropriated pagan rituals and whatnot.



Kosher pig caaaaake!!


And since I'm probably getting myself in trouble here anyway:

I'm told this is an Easter dessert in Spain.



So this weekend, may you all have a:

...or at least BE one.


Thanks to Anony M., Jessie K., Kayla S., Zoe M., & Rik D., who all promise to be happy eaters, so long as there's free cake.


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