The Surprise Gender Bender

The Gender Reveal cake is such a simple concept: your baker uses either pink or blue icing inside, depending on if you're having a girl or a boy. Then you cut into the cake to learn the happy news.

But this is Cake Wrecks, minions. I HAVE NO HAPPY NEWS.

Only funny, funny failures.


Remember the gender reveal cake that had no icing inside at all, but lots of confusing garble written on top?

Or the baker who put all the colored icing on top in a blob?

Or how about the baker that flat got it wrong?

Well here's one more for your scrapbooks, kids:

Kristin A., writes:

"We went to **** Bakery, which has a gender reveal cake in their cake book. Took them a sealed envelope (containing the baby's sex) and in the filling section wrote 'Gender Reveal (pink/blue).'

"I didn’t realize I needed to be super specific and state if the envelope says 'girl' make it ALL PINK and if the envelope says 'boy' make it ALL BLUE!"

So when did Kristin realize she needed to be super specific?

Ohh, I'd say right around this moment here:

No, she's not having twins.

The worst part was they cut into the wrong color side first. That's right, fellow geeks: THE CAKE WAS A LIE.


But in case any of you are wondering:

They'll be celebrating with a barbecue next week.


Thanks to Lesley W., Kristin A., & Jess T. for reminding me of the original "It A Gril." If you remember that one, too, then award yourself 5 geek points. And, you know, maybe get out more. (It's too late for me; save yourselves.)


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