The Grill Blaster

Like mosquito bites and an overabundance of guys wearing loafers without socks, "grillin'" cakes are an inseparable part of summer.

But should they be?

I mean, we can't get rid of all the mosquitoes, and we can't seem to convince guys that sweaty loafer feet are icky, but we CAN do something about this, minions:

That's right: we can just say "NO" to 5 pounds of black icing.


"NO" to airbrushed rice cakes on our real cakes:


And "NO" to hairy Tribble pelts and decaying poo wangs!


We can do better, America.

We can have hot dog cakes.


Or watermelon cakes!


Or even a classic half-burger cake!

Which could double as a taco!

So bakers, I hope this has shown you that we want MORE than just black-and-brown piles of crappy icing.

We want MULTICOLORED piles of crappy icing.

Thank you.


And thanks also to Woneita, Angie H., Peter N., Patricia, Jess A., & Libby T. for RUINING Taco Tuesday. Now I have to eat cake instead. DANGIT.


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