Here, There, and "Everywhere"

Square is so out. Hit it, Huey!


♫ Hip, hip, it's hip to not care! ♪

It's not too hard to figure out;
I see it every day.


And those who are the laziest
have gone the Wrecky way.

You see them in the bakery,

It don't look like a lot of fun.

But don't you try to right it,

'Cuz Cake Wrecks' time has come!

Don't tell me that they're crazy,

Don't tell me they're aware,

Cuz I can see what's going on:

It's hip to not care!

♫ Here, there, and "'cross entire front."

Hip, hip, so hip to not care! ♪


Kerensa, Doug B., Bree A., & Duana S., you might think I'm crazy, but I don't even care: I still like Huey Lewis and the News.


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