Sure, Why Not: If Clown Cakes Were Super Heroes

It's International Clown Week, gang, which means it's time to again remind you that I used to be a clown. Yep, white face, balloon animals, the works.

Now, I realize my colorful past may disturb you, but keep in mind I did it for the children.
Specifically the ones who ran away screaming at the mere sight of me, since the ones who ran AT me were a lot more likely to go for the groin.

Those were interesting times. Interesting, painful times.

Anyway, since clowns always get a bad rap, today I'm introducing some little-known clown superheroes. That's right: clown superheroes. Aw yeah. Prepare to be WHELMED.

Starting with...

The Incredible Bulk!

His enemies will never get HIM into a slimming A-line.


Bozo Constrictor:


Sneaky Pickles:

Able to scale tall buildings... in really big shoes.


The Clown With No Super Powers But Who Has A Cool Car:

Fun Fact: There are actually 42 clowns in there.


The Invisible Clown:

Don't ask to see his levitating donut trick. JUST DON'T.


The Amazing Spider-Bozos:

Their signature move is sneaking up on children from above and lobbing balloon animals at them.


Bumble Bug:

Because the Transformers kicked him out.


The Meringue Magneto:


And of course, Mr. Incredible:

He experiences a lot of burning sensations, IF you know whatta mean.


Thanks to Kristen M., Brittany, Laura S., Laura W., Michelle B., Robin C., Steve & Carisa, Mary R., & Ed for the SUPER funny business.


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