Hey Look! A Penguin!

My friends, it's 3:17 AM.


Well it is.

And now you are AWARE.


Sunday was Penguin Awareness Day, so here are a few more facts you should know:

FACT: Penguins have hinged necks, and can swivel their chins up 160 degrees.

Or maybe this one was hit by a truck.

Either way, best not to step over it while wearing a skirt.


FACT: Penguins are part ninja. One could be sneaking up behind you at this very moment, and you would never know.

A dark aura of foreboding washed over Rudolph... along with the faint scent of kippers.


FACT: Penguins have an affinity for lifting classic cars with their beaks.
It really impresses the hot chicks.

"Vroom vroom, mutha*&!@r!"


FACT: Penguins don't die.
Well, ok, they DO die, but then they turn into ghost penguins, which are, like, WAY cooler.

FACT: That "cooler" line was totally intentional.


FACT: Penguins can actually melt in water tainted with 2000 Flushes.

So no splashing.


Thanks to Traci G., Stefanya M., Michele K., Ginie, Chardy C., & Gene H. for nuthin' but the facts, man.


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