5 Cakes To Kill The Mood (And Your Appetite) For Valentine's Day

Valentine's is coming, so you know what THAT means...

The faceless Ketchup man will soon hunt again.


Also that weird shape is gonna be EVERYWHERE. You know, the one that looks like a cross between a jelly bean and a maxi pad?


What's up with these, bakers?


And why do you always put that white strip in the middle?

Imagine serving this with a glass of blue Kool-Aid.


Now I kind of want one.


And if that doesn't clear the room fast enough, then how about the world's most cringe-inducing pregnancy announcement?


Three words: NOPE, NOPE, and more NOPE.


Thanks to Lea B., Stephanie T., Rachel B., Mab R. for putting us ALL in the mood... to have a headache.


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