Sunday Sweets: IT'S ABOUT TIME

Goooood morning, Sweets fans! In case you missed it, most of us lost an hour last night thanks to Daylight Saving Time. (GRUMBLE GRUMBLE MUTTER CURSE.)

So in this trying time, let us look towards the patron saint of being late:

(Cut The Cake Kitchen, UK)

The White Rabbit!

He may be late for a very important date, but who can stay mad looking at this? Love the soft blues and Cheshire's painted eyes, which I could swear are actually glowing.


Yep, since we're going to spend all day complaining about the clock, we may as well look at some gorgeous edible ones:

(Cake Virtuoso Studio, Ireland)

OooOOooh. As much as I'd like to take out my sleepy aggression on a cakey clock, this one deserves a protective glass dome and a place of honor.


I can't figure out how big this next one is, but the intricate gears inside are giving me all the heart eyes:

(Sirha Catering, France)


Speaking of gears, how about a steampunk twist on the nursery rhyme "Hickory Dickory Dock?"

(Cake Dutchess, The Netherlands)

The mouse actually ran up the clock because he's a horologist and it was running slow.


Weird question: do you have a favorite clock? 'Cuz I do: the gilded 13 hour clock in Labyrinth. Sadly I couldn't find a cake version of it, but this one is close!

(Sweetness, location unknown)

I like the faceted gem up top, and all the swoopy leaf details.


Remember when Salvador Dali clocks were all the rage? I think they were required wall decor back in college.

(By Peapodlucy on Deviant Art)

Of course the melting clock is great, but the goldfish and her waterfall are the real show-stoppers.
Plus those peacock feathers!


Have to include a Cuckoo clock, because this one is adorable:

(Short North Piece of Cake, Ohio)

It's just so happy.


Ahh, but we can't talk about time - and how much we wish we could change it - without THIS colorful character:

(Bijou's Sweet Treats, Virginia)



Er, I mean Doctor Who!

There are so many great TARDIS cakes out there, but this one grabbed my heart with that luscious buttercream "paint" - it's so perfect.


Now, granted, the TARDIS is bigger on the inside... but can it hit 88 mph?

(By Ron Ben-Israel. Photo by Christopher Duggan)

Besides, this Delorean wedding cake (AW YEAH) also features the clock tower, so that's like a two-fer today. My favorite bit is the lightning bolt up top; such a great design.


And finally, let's end our time together with a little more steampunk:

(Cakes By Suzanne, Ireland)

Anyone else coming back for seconds?
And see what I did there?


Happy Sunday, everyone! May your day be Sweet and your coffee be strong.


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