Patty's Checklist, Please

Right, bakers, let's go over the checklist for this week:


Amorphous Purse Dress?



Yellow Pool Float?

Checkity check.


Bewildered broccoli?

Exxxxxcellent. Better make extras of those.


Plastic Pilgrims?

Remember, if anyone asks, their names are Molly and Seamus.


And last but not least, Oogie Boogie's Money Bag*.

(*Please note this is NOT a euphemism)



Well, wreckerators, looks like everything's in order! Now let's get out there and write "St. Patty's" on everything to tick off the pedants:


Unless the customer asks for a shamrock.



Thanks to Ida, Melissa S., Cyndi C., Liza L., Ann G., Shannon K., & Megan H. for making us all feel extra lucky this week.


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