Pretty Much Just Screaming

Is it hot enough yet for ice cream?

Or the floating mountains of Pandora?

That red arrow can only mean one thing.



How about a refreshing bedroom slipper?

::head tilt::

Or... cotton candy wearing a fedora?


Ohhh, hang on, I know what we need.


This is gonna be great.

John! Bring in the two-scooper!

::sound of rusty wheels squeaking::

ee ow ee ow ee ow




This made me scare the cats.

Totally worth it.


Thanks to Cory Ellen, Brianna J., & Sarah N. for inspiring almost as many questions as belly laughs. Why is it all on one side? Why is it outlined? WHY IS IT SQUARE? And dang it all, why am I in the mood for ice cream now?


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