The First Rule Of Mardi Gras Club

Happy Mardi Gras, minions!

Or, as our Boston Wreckerators call it:

"Madi Gras."

They also park the floats in the yard. SO WEIRD RIGHT.


Now listen, if there's one thing I've learned after a few disastrous Mardi Gras posts here on Cake Wrecks, it's the First Rule of Mardi Gras:

You don't talk about King Cakes.


Don't do it!

Stay strong, Jen, stay strong...

::wide-eyed but respectful silent internal screaming::

::followed by minor brain hemorrhage::



Ok, but we can talk about this, right?



Thanks to Ellie B., K.B., Anony M., Laura A., Jennifer M., & Anony T. for keeping us to the mask at hand.


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