LOLZ To The Maxx

So there's a Disney cartoon about 3 kids who turn into superheroes when they put on their pajamas.
It's called PJ Masks:

See? Not making this up.

As you might imagine, this show has a lot of young fans, including 3-year-old Sunsara, who asked for a PJ Masks cake for her birthday.


MEANWHILE, on the other side of our story, there's me, working my first-ever job as a cashier/shoe department associate manager at a discount department store chain.

(I loved that job.)

(Which has nothing to do with our story; I just felt like sharing.)

Now, here's where little Sunsara and I have our backstories collide in the wreckiest of fashions:




Did you already guess?




Almost there now!



I'm torn between feeling sorry for Sunsara and laughing with delight, because dang, that's a good TJ Maxx logo. Right? It's the Obama Llama all over again! Hee!

Here's hoping Sunsara's mom took her shopping after this and they found some awesome, discounted PJs.


Thanks to Lereas for helping me re-live my days of glory in retail. And hey, everyone else, PUT AWAY THE SHOES AFTER YOU TRY THEM ON. What, were you raised in a barn filled with randomly strewn shoes? Don't you make me come over there and tidy up, because I. WILL. DO IT.


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