Love Inks: 11 Tattoo Sweets!

It's National Tattoo Week, Sweets fans, and if you thought that theme might pose a challenge when looking for gorgeous cakes, think again.

(Nevie-Pie Cakes, England)

There are so many fantastic tattoo Sweets out there!

(Crazy Sweets by Theresa Täubrich, Germany)

Jaw, dropped.

I've never done a tattoo-themed Sweets before, though there are a few in my Rockin' Rockabilly post from a few years back. And let me tell ya, I've been missing out. Just look at this baby shower cake:

(Cake Central member NewfoundlandGirl)

Eeee! I never would have imagined a tattoo-themed baby shower cake would work - much less exist - but now it's my new favorite thing. I would totally go to this baby shower.

Most tattoo cakes are for weddings, which makes sense with all the traditional hearts and roses and birdies:

(Elizabeth Forkey, Ohio)

I especially love how the winged heart is peeking out, and the two roses in place of figurines.

I even found a cake for the art of tattooing itself:

(Pirikos Cake Design & Party Shop, Portugal)

Magic tattoo pen! It's all so crisp, love it.

(Wait, it's probably not "pen." Needle? Gun? Ink-putter-onner?)

This sweet pin-up style reminds me of a vintage Valentine:

(Torte di Ivana Guddo, Italy)


On the opposite side of the spectrum, check out this 3D version of the always classic, "Love Stinks."

(Learn to Cake with Susan Trianos, online tutorials)

DAAAANG. Can you believe this is cake?! Look at the shine on that metal, and the little drips of blood. Not to mention it's all balancing on a sword point! AHH-mazing.

This is a little meta, but here's a tattoo cake of a girl WITH a tattoo. That counts, right?

(Madi Creations, Belgium)

Let's also talk about how I cant tell where the 3D arm ends and the 2D painted body and head begins.


You guys know I rarely include cupcakes in Sweets, but I think you'll agree these belong here:

(I can't find the baker! Help?)

The rose is my favorite with all that purple glitter. Although the sparkly heart and ship anchor are both a close second!

Speaking of shading, the rich colors on this one are especially lovely:

(KO's Cakes, Washington)

Plus I'm always a sucker for birds tying pretty bows.

And finally, let's end with one more 3D version of a classic tattoo design, shamelessly kept for last because it's in my favorite colors:

(Sugar Spice Cakes, England)

Great gravity-defying glory, Batman! THIS IS INCREDIBLE.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Here's hoping it's extra sweet.


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