Hashbrown Ladylike

Bakers, take a note:

Some of you will get that reference.

And that's enough for me.


Sometimes I think I should just let you guys do the captions, though.

For example, Patty titled this one, "Spring! Butterfly love!"

And combined with that insane-eyed vomit pile there it just cracked. me. UP.


Then there was this e-mail, which had only a single word:


[mic drop]


This week! On E! True Hollywood Story! How one lovable sidekick:



Really hit the powder:


Oh, Olaf, say it isn't so.


And finally, they didn't want any writing, so they asked for the Alligator cake "as is."

Sadly, they didn't get it.


But then again, neither did the baker.



Thanks to Laura E., Patty M., Jane, Julie V., & Staci O. for reminding me of this snippet of wisdom from Twitter:



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