11 MerMay Sweets

It's Mer-May, minions!

Let's make some waves.


(Canberra Cake Designer, Australia)

This sugar glass "water" is the stuff that dreams are made of. How did they get those color blends? 


When I first saw this cake I thought it was tiny, but it's actually huge!


(Paloma Sempere Gras, Spain)

And look at all that detail! I can't get over her floating hair.


More gorgeous sugar glass:


(Lolli Cakes By Ella, California)


And look at these adorable pastel cuties:


(Patricia Arribálzaga, Spain)

I like the way the tail are tucked in the wavy layers, so clever.


Plus I have to show you one more from Patricia, because this tail pop is too cute:



Of course if we're talking mermaids, we have to include a certain red-head:

(From Instagram, but I can't track the baker down. Help?)

This is my new favorite art of Ariel, I love how pastel she is. And check out the little clams on top, with the pearls inside!


And now for something... completely different:

(Daniel Diéguez, UK)

What can I say except, you're welcome. :D

(I was so tempted to put this one last and call him the Happy Ending.)


I almost didn't include this evil siren, but I think you guys will appreciate her total badassness:

(Dmytrii Puga, Ukraine)

Ahhh-MAZING. I still can't believe she's cake.


My friend Bianca reminded me I have to show off a cake of the ORIGINAL mermaid inspiration, so here ya go:

(Kyrsten's Sweet Designs, Pennsylvania)

Barbara Manatee says, "Draw me like your French girls."




Not technically a mermaid, but this stained glass hippocampus designs is too stunning to leave out:

(Steel Penny Cakes, Pennsylvania)


And last but not least, an Art Nouveau beauty that made my jaw drop:

(Fatiha Kadi Cake Designer, Hungary)

You guys go on ahead. I'mma just stare at this a while.

::dreamy sigh::


Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope the rest of your week goes swimmingly.


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