It's Like Beer Goggles For People With Dirty Minds

We all start out so innocent.

Every kid loves balloons, right?


Until one day, you start to look closer.

"Hey! Waaaait a second..."




Next thing you know, you see them circling everywhere.


Dancing, mocking you.


Gathering their forces.


Closing in. 


You: "Someone else is seeing this, right? It's not just me? TELL ME IT'S NOT JUST ME."

Everyone else: ::silence::

Everyone else: ::silence::

Everyone else: "Haaaaappy birthday toooo you!"


Don't worry, though, minions; eventually you learn to make peace with your new super power. And one day, you may even start to have fun with it.

Like this:






Admit it, our way is way funnier.

Enjoy your boring old "balloons" and "candles" everyone else; we'll just be over here nudging each other and snickering.


Thanks to Laura P., Danielle N., Amanda M., Deborah V., Sam H. & Cindy A. for not letting one climactic birthday go to her head.


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