Oh Mer Gosh: It's Mer-Mania!

It's Mer-May, minions, so if you're a half-fish lady with donut hair... NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE.

Livin' life on the edge! Of the cakeboard.

(And judging by that camera angle, also on the ceiling.)

Them: "Wow, that tail!" 
Her: "Thanks, it has pockets."


Or perhaps you prefer Sea Men?


Extra Manly Sea Men. Heyooooooooo

Him: "How do I bring this camo tail and huntin' rifle to the next level? 


Which brings us to the most majestic of the mer folk. A creature so magnificent, so regal, so breathtaking, that it defies all description.

So I wrote a haiku instead.

Ahem hem hem.

Never have I seen 
Such dignity in the sea 
Blobfish in a wig



Thanks to two Anony M.s & April S. for bringing Blobby back.


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