Gray Is Bae

Help me out, minions: is this alien shrugging, or is that a snooty little handlebar mustache?



It's neither! 
 It's a unicorn.

::head tilt::
 ::eyes narrowing::

Or so they'd have us believe.

 Well, thank goodness unicorn cookies are easy. All you need is a horn, a mane, and an eye!


Sweet merciful leprechaun trouser monkeys.

This is worse than I thought.

OK, hang on, hang on, I've got it: If bakeries make everything out of plastic - the eyes, the horn, even the ears - then there's no way a wreckerator can screw it up, right?


In fact, here's an example from a bakery's order book:


See? D.L. make a great choice when she ordered this one: Literally the only thing the decorator has to pipe is some rainbow hair, and maybe a few flowers! 

This is a sure thing! This is in the bag! This is...


... Grandma Unicorn?

(Shh, she's "sleeping," kids.)

(We hope.)

Thanks to Kaitlin H., Dimi C., & D.L. for livening up that party.


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