Rejoice with me, feline fanciers, for today... IS CAT DAY.

Yes, finally, at long last, after all our years of waiting, we can truly CELEBRATE all the little joys our catty children bring us.

Things like:

1. Staring at us in silent judgement while we talk on the phone:


2: Yowling at us loudly from their still mostly-full food bowl:

3. Sauntering by nonchalantly with a giant string hanging out of their butt:


 4. Ignoring us entirely in order to stare determinedly into the pitch dark corner of the living room while we're home alone at night.

5: Assuming the deceptively innocent "RUB MY BELLY" position:


... which we KNOW is a trap, but fall for anyway.

6. Ramming their heads and claws repeatedly into any closed door between us and them until we finally get out of bed, throw open the door, and demand, "WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY WANT, YOU FURRY LITTLE DEMON SPAWN" only for them to start purring and give us a lil' blep:


Curse their infernal cuteness.

And finally, that classic catty joy:

7. Staring at us with dead-eyed defiance while they systematically knock every movable object off the table.



Thanks to Sarah G., Maddy D., Kristen O., Jodee R., Gene H., Cheryl H., & Helena M., for the cat-astrophes. Oh, and hey, if any of you happen to knit or crochet, then I have an EXCELLENT idea:

Cat Butt Tissue Holder

What if you stuck your yarn in this thing? Or even better: Give it to someone along with that last cake, so it's like a set. :D (I know, I missed my calling as a personal shopper.)


And from my other blog, Epbot: