Valentines Review

Remember last week when I told you guys to make Valentines Day extra confusing?

Well, looks like some bakers out there took my advice...TO HEART.

And that's no bull.

(OX OX!)


What day is it, again?

Oh, right.
So HOW old is this cake?


I'm detecting a pattern here:

Maybe bacon?


And the award for "Weirdest Made-Up Punctuation" goes to...

The symbol formerly known as ?!?.

("I.... am confused. >>)


Of course, as bizarre as these Valentines cakes are, it could always be worse:

Must be an ice cream cake... CUZ THAT'S COLD.


Thanks to Christina L., Annalise, Beth H., Kathleen B., & Ashton A. for bringing us down in the dumps.


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