Falker Satherhood Revisited

(Hey, I did say I had my fingers crossed, right?)

Since Falker Satherhood is one Hallmark card away from becoming the new official name of Father's Day, I thought I'd share how some of you Wreckies celebrated it yesterday.

Lindsay B. did the sensible thing and bought a cake:

While Jan B. and her daughter Ginny made Dad a banner:

Since the original Falker Satherhood cake debuted back in May, though, there are some dissenting opinions on when it should be celebrated. For example, the Big Doofus over at The Big Doofus Blog lists a quick, educational, and completely made-up history of the day as follows:

"Falker Satherhood was celebrated in the tiny Eastern European country of Belgrid to commemorate the beginning of spring and the annual "Dancing Ritual of the Goats."

Dancing goats? Heck yeah! When I was a kid we had two miniature goats as pets, and they were awesome. Why, my mom still has the scars on her shins from little Starbuck's* playful maulings. [getting all misty-eyed] They butt with love, those wee lil' goats: they butt...with love.

*Yes, his name was Starbuck. This was before the coffee shop was popular, though, so the meaning was more along the lines of he was a star at bucking. Or maybe it had something to do with Battlestar Galactica... we ARE a family of geeks, after all.