Wreckage in its Proper Form

You know that form you have to fill out when ordering a cake? The one that tells the baker what to write? Well, it's really important.

No, I mean really, REALLY important.

As in, fill in every blank, or suffer the consequences:

Aw, that Eva: always waiting 'til the last minute to make up her mind.

And for goodness' sake, don't get all fancy and try to use shorthand to save time:

It's like a code. An excessively punctuated code.

Whatever happens, though, you can take comfort in knowing that every order is personally inspected and signed off on by a supervisor:

Thanks, Patricia.

Although I think you missed the giant 3 masquerading as a "W."
Just sayin'.

Elizabeth, Monica, & Steve P., now you know. And according to the shirt I'm wearing today, knowing is half the battle. (The other half is LASERS.)