Sunday Sweets: Threadcakes, Take Two!

Hot dog! It's time for the 2nd Round of Threadcakes! 

To recap:  Threadcakes is a contest hosted every year by and co-judged by her grand-high-cakiness herself, Jen!  Bakers make cakes inspired by Threadless shirt designs, and I use the term "inspired by" loosely, because these cakes are more like perfect replicas.  So exact, it's almost eerie.  Like this trio of owls here:


 "Owls of the Nile"

By Claire Murphy

Whoooo doesn't think this is awesome?  No one, that's who. I want to hang them on my wall!


"Arabian Crescent"

 Incredible how the baker captured this design's hand-sketched look in fondant.  I also want to hang this one on my wall!  I don't really have an Arabian-moon-colony theme happening in my home right now, but I'd be willing to consider it.




 These designs are so darn creative! I think I need a murderous-handlebar-head-shark cake, too.  Or the shirt version would be fine, if not nearly as tasty. 


"Epic Adventure Muppets DTG"


By KupKake Tree

 It's a Mount Rushmore of Muppets! I love how it plays with scale, from the big balloons above to the tiny little trees in the foreground. That, and Bunsen and Beaker on a bicycle built for two!


"Bad Bad Walker"


By Melissa Thomas

Ha!  This one really looks like a drawing come to life with all the outlined edges. It must be a baby AT-AT, because the ones in the movies are nowhere near toilet-sized.  (I actually have no idea what I'm saying and googled everything about that last sentence. Sorry. I'm just not that up-to-speed with Star Trek.)  (KIDDING!)


"Memento Mori"


By Lynn Smith

 Oooh, spooooky. And just in time for Halloween!  (If you happen to be a Halloween freak like me, and begin preparations in August.)  I'm sure your guests would devour this dust-covered delight, and if not, you could just set it out again next year.


 "NeverEnding Solo"

 Two words:



 There is no end to the awesomeness that is before you. Not to mention you can totally eat this. 

I need a moment.


"Halfling and Wizard" 

By Tiffany Cook


 Aw, Gandalf and Bilbo!  This baker totally nailed Bill Watterson's 'Calvin and Hobbes-y' style, which is how I've always secretly wished I could draw.  I'm tragically stuck in the land of stick figures and smiley faces.


 "Smiley Factory"


 Which is not such a bad thing, I guess.  Because oh my goodness, this one is drawn to perfection.  (Fondanted to perfection?)  And how funny is the plight of the smiley?  I can relate. That's basically my entire morning routine, right there.



By Elizabeth Marek of Artisan Cake Company

 Have you ever seen anything so lovely?  I would wear this and eat it and display it and cradle it in bed with me at night.  (Ok, maybe not that last one.) What insanely incredible talent.  


I almost feel bad for Jen. So many amazing Threadcakes this year, how could you possibly pick a favorite?! (If you're curious, watch the Threadcakes site this week, because I think they're announcing the winners very soon!)


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