Friday Favs 1/22/16

A few of my favorite new submissions this week:


An oceanography institute held a dessert contest for their employees, but someone apparently decided to cheat a bit, aaaand:

....hilarity ensued.

I like how this person immediately threw the store under the bus. Better for people to know you cheated than think you drew THAT, am I right?

(Though, in the baker's defense, that's a real whale of a penis she drew there.)


And speaking of less-than-family-friendly cake decorating, you've got to watch out for some of these bakers and their four-letter-words:

Thank goodness the snowman censor was there to spare the innocent.


It's decided, I'm calling them this from now and on:



Here's one to file under "Dear God, What IS That Thing?!"

Look closely, and you can almost hear the shrieking eels.

(That's a rather obscure Princess Bride reference. If you got it, let's be friends.)


Btw, ever wonder what some of these cakes are even for?

Well, alrighty, then.


Thanks to David E., Anony M., Ruth C., Autumn J., & Rebecca H. for not "Russian" these wrecks.


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