Sunday Sweets: Labors of Love

In honor of Labor day let's look at some Sweet tributes to all you workers out there.

The ones who clean up our messes:

(By Jocelyn Burtis of Sugarbelle Cakes)


Who save our lives:

(By My Sweeter Side)


Who invent new ways for us to curse technology:

(By Daphne Ho Cake Design)



And who make us look goood:

(By Vanilla Cake Boutique)


Whether you help grow the food we eat:

(By Lori's Sweet Creations)


Or write the laws to keep us safe:

(By Maidy's Cake By Design)


Or are busy raising the next generation of little ones:

(By Natissa Small)

Thank you for all your hard work, minions. Go have some cake.


And have a happy Labor Day Weekend!


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