Friday Favs 2/10/17

A few of my favorite submissions this week:


When you aim for a platitude, but end up at every cat-owner's reality:



Then there's this gem:

I have nothing to add; that just cracked me up.



Let's see if you can guess this party's theme:

(Oh how I wish those Ts were Ps...)

Did you get it?

Of course you didn't. Because it's supposed to be macaroni. You know, the pasta kids use to make jewelry? Also the thing you should never ask a baker to draw free-hand on your birthday cake?


Now let's learn a little Cake Decorating Terminology.

This technique is called "Brush Embroidery":

That's when a baker pipes a design, then uses a damp brush to feather in the edges.

It's also what Kirstina wanted on her cake - same design, different colors.

Now this technique is called "Whole-Assing It":

That's when a baker decides that instead of half-assing two things, s/he can just whole-ass one. Which you've gotta respect. Or very much not.


Thanks to Melissa N., Rebecca C., Ryan K., Kristina H., & Ron Swanson for inspiring whole-assers everywhere.


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