Friday Favs 3/10/17

A few of my favorite submissions this week:


I feel like this could apply to a few of you:

It's for your own safety, really. A cake a day keeps the road rage away!



Bakers are forever amazing me with their new decorating techniques.
For instance, did you know it's possible to pipe with semi-congealed Velveeta?

I mean, not well, but there it is!



Now let's all give a wave (heyooo) to the world's oldest Canadian Flag:

Or to the baker who literally thought this was what Barbara wanted.



I'll be honest, minions: this cake Mary J. ordered was a bit of a mess:

Great perplexing piles of pastel piping, Batman!

Yes, that's the one she wanted.


Still, what Mary ended up with was definitely worse:

Ew, Batman! Just... ew.


And finally, let's talk about these "tiger stripes" on a one-year-old's birthday cake, and how they might give "Sydni Is A Wild One" a whoooole new meaning:

Just me? And Danielle? Are we the only ones seeing this?

S'ok, Danielle; my lips are sealed.


Thanks to Jamie H., Alex A., Barbara T., Mary J., & Danielle D. for the walk on the vagina side.


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