Sunday Sweets Celebrates Tiki Tiki Tiki Cakes!

If you're a fellow Dizgeek, then my title already has the Tiki Room song stuck in your head. So hey, you're welcome for that. [wink]

I've noticed Tiki stuff is all the rage lately, and not just where the birds sing words and the flowers croon. From Tiki mugs to brightly printed shirts, sooo much art, and of course kitschy cute Tiki bars like Trader Sam's, I'm loving the tidal wave of Tiki!

Now, let's find some Tiki cakes.

[By Very Unique Cakes in New Jersey]

Yaaaas, look how great these colors are together! And the teeny tiki torches are so cute!


That was for a one year old's party, but I also found some tiki-riffic wedding cakes:

[By Cake Lava in Las Vegas]

The bride & groom tikis crack me up. Those expressions!


Here's a fun one with flames:

[By Sweet Boutique Cakes in Arkansas]

I like the mix of buttercream with fondant - and the flame crown is such a clever design.


The baker calls this next one "Freaky Tiki":

[By Man Bakes Cake for Sugar Spooks]

This would be fun for Halloween! The heads on the right are totally reminding me of Beetlejuice - remember the waiting room scene?


Here's a bright and cartoony style:

[By The Icing On The Cake in Virginia]


And, finally! One with a Tiki bird!

[By Gloria Cakes in Brazil]


I like that there's something Tiki for every age.


This one wins for Most Realistic Tiki:

[By Edible Art Works in Michigan]

Look at the wood-grain! Daaaaaang. Great design, too, I like the flaming stick in the mouth.


Ohhh, here's something completely different: a deliciously retro, mid-century modern style:

[By Charm City Cakes in both Baltimore & LA]

Perfect retro kitsch, right here! Diggin' the hand-painting and the Polynesian house on top.


And finally, more fantastic wood-grain, plus fruity drink spears, tropical flowers, beach sand - the whole package!

[By Emma Jayne Cake Design in the UK]

Aw yeah.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope these made you smile!


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