The Baby Currently Known As "Prince"

Here at Cake Wrecks, we'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate the royal family the best way we know how: a barely literate, wildly inappropriate manner.



Plus - of course - with some really bad puns:

This egg-celent choice is sure to crack 'em up - no yolk!


We'd also like to share this time-honored wisdom:

 Hey. You're welcome.


 Hang on, I just realized we haven't actually congratulated the new parents yet. 

That's better.

(Go Yanks!)


Or, for something a little more colorful:

(We can only hope.)


Now prepare for a full-frontal assault of celebratory cakeyness:


Rejoice, I say!




As of this writing there haven't been any photos of the new prince released, but I'm sure the little tyke looks absolutely delicious:

Or at least ... shiny.


Tell you what: maybe we should just keep it simple.

Anyone know how to grunt in a British accent?


Well, that's all from us, royals. Wishing you all many happy returns, and of course, hugs n' kisses!



Thanks to Lindsey J., Anony M., Amanda K., Keri K., Sarah S., Carrie, Erin G., Carly A., Kelly L., & Marla G. for helping us keep it classy.